MOOD MUSIC: Playlists Speak To The Heart

MOOD MUSIC: Playlists Speak To The Heart

Maria Lopez, Writer

Music is everywhere. At school, in a bus, the grocery store, the diner down the street: It is heard in every corner of the world. But, there is always a song or two that makes one feel special or connect personally to the lyrics. It represents every aspect of a person’s life. These songs remind and define him or her. The song may even represent a hardship or the love of that person’s life in the rhyme and rhythm of the lyrics. Titanium by Sia reminds me that no matter what comes your way, you’re strong,” states Jenna Krieg, 11. “I like listening to music that brings me up and makes me happy.”  

Here is a playlist of songs that represent staff members of the Pennant:

Ashley Rojas

Prom Queen by Molly Kate Kestner

Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship

Taylor Malicki

Talking a Walk by Trippie Redd

I Lost a Friend by FINNEAS

Lourdes Alfaro

Decidete by Arcangel & DJ Luian Feat Wisin

Vete by Bad Bunny

Amanya Gonzalez

Prototype by OutKast

One of These Nights by The Eagles

Haidyn Fritz

Mother by Carole and Tuesday

Too Much Fun by GIRLI

Mrs. Smith

I Am a Rock by Simon & Garfunkel

Let It Be by The Beatles

Bianca Morales

Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

Hey Ya! by Outkast

Jennifer Quintano

Up All Night by One Direction

High Fashion by Roddy Ricch Feat Mustard

Jamisen Halverson

July by Noah Cyrus

That Way by Tate McRae

Virtue Nyakro

I  by Lil Skies

Wish by Diplo, Trippie Redd