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FINAL EXAMS: Making The Grade


As Christmas break approaches, many Elkhart High students are both excited and nervous. While a two week break spanning from Dec. 22 through Jan. 8 is enticing, a cloud of stress hangs over this time because of the unfortunate accompaniment of final exams in every class. 

Final exams are quite the big deal for students. They’re not just simple, one-off tests; they can negatively affect a student’s grades and make them feel much pressure to make sure they do well enough on the final to maintain their grades. For some classes in which final exams can be in the form of final projects, the stress is slightly lifted. However, for rigorous classes that opt for traditional exams, the stress of preparing is significantly higher. 

Elkhart Senior Maddie Homo states, “I’m not worried about many of my finals, because I understand everything in my classes well, but I’m really stressed about my final exam for Bio 101–my grade in that class right now really depends on my final grade.” 

This extra stress is particularly tough for students like Homo who are already dealing with rigorous coursework and busy extracurriculars.

And for seniors, especially, the pressure of finals can be even more daunting. On top of preparing for final exams, they also have the monumental task of applying to universities, with most “regular decision” applications due on Jan. 1. As a result, balancing preparation finals and working on college applications/essays at the same time is a heavy mantle to handle. Many seniors worry that if they don’t do well on their finals, it might make it harder for them to be accepted into their desired schools. 

Another Senior, Silas Hunt, had this to say: “I have to fill out applications for two schools, and a scholarship application, and I have to do it before the end of December–all that on top of finals. It feels terrible!” 

Instead of enjoying the upcoming holiday break, students might find themselves spending countless hours studying and feeling overwhelmed. Moreover, the need to get good grades in finals might make students skip the fun activities nearing the holiday season. Balancing school and holiday celebrations becomes a tough act for many students, making finals even more stressful.

 To make things slightly easier, students should try managing their time carefully, ask for help from teachers or friends, and take care of their mental well-being during this tough time. And, by recognizing how hard finals can be on students, teachers and parents can offer the guidance and support needed to guide students through this challenging period. It’s important for everyone to understand the difficult challenges students face during this time of the year.


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