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Mr. & Miss Ivy League: Addison Asbury


For graduation commencement, some schools choose their senior speaker based entirely on class rank, with the valedictorian (otherwise known as the #1 student) of the class presenting a speech. But, not Elkhart High School. EHS has instead opted for the tradition of choosing a commencement speaker, with those interested in such a monumental task having to audition for the role, and a committee consisting of both students and teachers helping to make this choice. And this year, they were proud to announce Addison Asbury as the Class of 2024’s student speaker! 

Dania: First of all, congratulations on being selected as our commencement speaker!

Addison: Thank you!

Dania: So, can you please tell me about yourself?

Addison: Well, I’m a senior at Elkhart. And, I like participating in school activities like cheerleading, as well as clubs that involve social activities and community service. 

Dania: Can you tell me about some of those clubs?

Addison: Um, Student Government, Student Athletic Council…I’m a member of NHS, and some other clubs. 

Dania: Oh, wow! What do you think makes you unique from other students? Your activities?

Addison: I think just being involved in a lot of things, yeah. Like being in a wide range of things that not many people can say they’ve done much or have perspective in. 

Dania: I really like that. Ok…so, what schools are you looking to apply to or have already applied to? And why?

Addison: I applied to the University of Chicago during Early Action. Right now, I’m applying to IU Indianapolis and IU Bloomington. My dream school has always been IU Bloomington, because I’ve had a lot of family that has gone there. But, I hope I get into UChicago, as well. All of these schools have amazing nursing programs, as well. 

Dania: Do you think you’ll get into those schools? You can just say which ones you think you’ll get into and which ones you won’t. 

Addison: I’m hoping I get into all of them! But, the IU schools, I think, I have a good shot at getting into. The University of Chicago is… I don’t know about that since I’m out of state. But, we’ll see how it goes!

Dania: What do you want to do as a major and why? I know you want to do nursing, but is there a reason why you want to do that?

Addison: Ever since I was little, I always wanted a job that had to do with helping others. So, when I was little, I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field. I always thought I was going to be a doctor but…that’s too much schooling. But, um, then I went through an internship program, and I figured out what kind of nursing I want to do. 

Dania: So, what kind of department of nursing do you want to do specifically?

Addison: I want to be a nurse anesthetist. Like, you know, the kind of nurse who gives anesthetics during surgery. I always wanted to do that because I’ve always been interested in surgery, but I wasn’t interested in actually doing an actual surgery. But, being a part of it would be nice.

Dania: Yesss, you get to be a part of it and make sure that your patient is doing okay. 

Dania: Anyways, thank you so much for this interview, and I wish you the best of luck for the future. And, congratulations again for being selected as our speaker!

Addison: Thank you so much! 


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