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 Mr. & Miss Ivy League: Makayla Goodman


Every passing year, it seems as though the senior classes of EHS become more and more ambitious. Although Elkhart High School is a public high school -–and by no means a feeder school (a school that sends many of their graduates to top universities) — many students have their eyes set on the famed top schools, whether that be Ivy League institutions or schools that are “Ivy League equivalent,” schools equally as prestigious as an Ivy League university. One particular applicant is Makayla Goodman, one of Elkhart’s many ambitious and hard working students. 

Dania: “Hi Makayla, can you tell me about yourself?”

Makayla: “I am a senior here at Elkhart High. I really like music, and I love to sleep, eat, and be creative.” 

Dania: “Haha, I know that’s right. So, what is something unique you have done that you think sets you apart from other students?”

Makayla: “Well, I started a business when I was about 14. It was through Startup Moxie, a program for students to start businesses.  I’ve been managing it for about 4 years now. My business has four store locations, and I also have an online store for it.”

Dania: “Wow!!! Can you tell me more about your business?! What is it?”

Makayla: “It’s called Queen Mg Gloss; it’s a lip and body care brand. We sell lip products like lip gloss and lip balm. Our body care products are for people with sensitive skin or sensitive skin conditions like eczema. Our products are really gentle on the skin.” 

Dania: “Okay, wow, that’s so cool. Oh, can you tell me what schools you want to apply to? What are your dream schools?”

Makayla: “The schools I’m looking to apply to are University of Notre Dame, Anderson University, St. Mary’s College, and Purdue Fort Wayne. My dream schools are University of Notre Dame and Anderson University. They both have strong business programs.” 

Dania: “Do you think you’ll get into those two schools?” 

Makayla: “Yeah, I got accepted into Anderson University. And, I think I have a really good chance with Notre Dame.” 

Dania: “Oh, really? Why do you say that?” 

Makayla: “I took a tour of Notre Dame’s Idea Centre with the top lady that manages it. She really liked me and told me to apply and contact her. And when I do apply, she’ll sit me down with the Dean of Admissions so that we can meet.” 

Dania: “Okay wow!! Would you attend there if you got accepted?”

Makayla: “Of course, I’d attend there.” 

Dania: “So, can you tell me what major you’re interested in pursuing?” 

Makayla: “The major I want is Marketing, so I can improve my business skills. I also want to minor in something like Real Estate, I think that’d give me more experience in marketing.”

Dania: “Oh, dang, that’s cool. What job do you want to do after graduating?”

Makayla: “See, that’s the thing with me. I don’t want a job. I want to be my own boss and not do a typical 9-5 job.” 

Dania: “So you want to be an entrepreneur?”

Makayla: “Yup, I want to start my own home rental company, flipping houses and renting them out. Or… something like AirBNB and renting apartment complexes out for vacations.”

Dania: “I love that. I know you said you want to minor in something related to real estate. Would you want to be a real estate agent?”

Makayla: “Yes, I do. But, I also really like to market, so doing real estate will help me learn to market more. And, if real estate doesn’t work out, I’m going to pursue those businesses.” 

Dania: “Dang, I am so impressed. I wish the best for you in your future pursuits, both this year and after high school.” 

Makayla: “Thank you!”

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