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Halloween’s Gone…But Not The Candy!

Halloweens Gone...But Not The Candy!

Children–yes, and many teenagers among them–dressed up this fall, showing off their costumes, going door-to-door collecting a wide assortment of Halloween candy. But, weeks later, the stockpiles of candy collected have still not disappeared! So, which types of candy are left in the bottom of the bowl and which ones were gone in a flash? That is up for grabs. However,  some believe they have the inside track on Trick-or-Treating!

Based on Don’t Be THAT House: America’s Least-Favorite Halloween Candies, Shiny Smile Veneers surveyed 1,000 U.S. individuals and found that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the most beloved Halloween treat in America, earning over half of the votes. This is just one of many chocolate candies that make up the list of favorite treats. This data shows here how enjoyable these candies are!

However, it also showed that the most disliked candy ever recorded was Candy Corn. A whopping 36% voted against the sugary tri-colored kernels, while the second and third worst candies were Hot Tamales and Atomic Fireballs, respectively.  Here are the statistics of the worst-rated candies in the United States for Halloween.

But, is it true that the most loved candies are chocolates rather than other flavored candies? Here, at Elkhart High School, the students weighed in on that. Here are the results:

EHS Student Results Data: Favorite Kind of Candies 

It revealed that 47% of students love chocolate, and only 18% love fruity-flavored candies–while the remaining students offer a hodgepodge of favorite candies. That’s surprisingly an accurate description of what the previous article said about Reese’s (a chocolate) being the world’s number one favorite candy in the U.S! But, what about the least favorite candies among EHS students? 





EHS Student Results Data: Least Favorite Kind of Candies

There are a lot of similarities between the highest percentages–noting that salty, minty, and spicy flavors ranked almost equally as least favorite candy flavor by 20–26% for Halloween picks. Only a handful dislike fruity and sweet candies–and, only a minuscule 10% dislike chocolate. It seems that not everyone has the same tastes after all! 

But, why do students enjoy certain candies and dislike others?  A few students offer feedback on that.

Jennifer Barrier, a tenth grader at Elkhart High School, said she likes gummy worms but dislikes peanut butter flavored candies. “Gummy worms [are the best] because I like fruity flavors, and gummy candies have more flavor than others.” Peanut butter, on the other hand “is just gross!”

Another student, Kiera Green, also a sophomore, said, “My favorite Halloween candy is Milk Duds and Reese’s–because I like the chewiness of the duds, and I like the combo of chocolate and peanut butter.” She also stated a dislike for taffy and gumdrop candies.  “I just don’t like the taste of those for some reason.”

Fellow classmate Maya Mujica-Zepeda’s favorite candy is Blow Pops. “Blow Pops [are a favorite] because suckers are good… and you get a little surprise gum!” However, Milky Way and Snickers are too gooey. “I think they’re gross.” 

And finally, one last student: Romeo Huynh, a sophomore. In this case, Huynh is unable to rank a best or worst.  “I’m not sure; I feel like I’d mainly enjoy anything with chocolate.” However, Flamin’ Hot Skittles and Hot Tamales made the “Do Not Eat!” list.  “I’m not a fan of any candy that’s spicy.”

So, yes, it turns out that people do indeed love chocolate–not just at Elkhart High School but also across the country.  However, the best indicator of what an individual dislikes can visibly be found in the bottom of the Halloween candy bowl.  Even then…it’s likely just a matter of time until those will get eaten up in moments of desperation!

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