EHS Lacrosse: One Team, One School


Amanya Gonzales, Writer

Fight on old Elkhart!

Most people are tired of hearing constant squabbling about the merger, with many concerned how fusing former rival teams will affect sports and clubs. The funny thing is, for the Lacrosse Team, the merge isn’t impending doom—and there are no rivalries. Lacrosse is just one of the first few sports to already be combined; thus, the thought that the team has some kind of internal rivalry couldn’t be farther from the truth!

In fact, as conditioning takes place, it is creating more of a team bonding. The team does everything together—not as Blazers or Chargers—but one untied team. “When we play, it’s not as any mascot really, but instead it’s about one team,” shares Dametria Bennett, 12. The shared love of the sport is what bonds the group of girls together.  “The game is what brings us together,” she adds. “Some of my best memories are out on the field playing.

As both the Chargers and Blazers fade off into the sunset, there is a bright, new outlook on the horizon. The Elkhart Girls’ Lacrosse Team is proof of this. “The game, although difficult and confusing at times, is one of the best sports to ever intrigue me.”

Their next  game is scheduled for March 28 at LaPorte.