Let’s Get Scary!

Lets Get Scary!

Lourdes Alfaro, Writer


“There is nothing to fear than fear itself!”

 Obviously, Franklin D. Roosevelt has not seen a scary movie.

As many know, there are quite a few movies that can give anyone nightmares. One movie for sure that fits that category is The Conjuring. A family of seven move into a house that they think is completely normal…until later in the movie, when one of the daughters—Christine—is the only one able to see the “spirit” in the house that wants family dead. “The scariest part in The Conjuring was when the ‘medium’ lady was seeing things nobody else could,” coldly recalls Raul Barrios, 12, a horror movie fanatic. “Another part that scared me most was when the girls were sleeping and something grabbed one of the sisters’ legs—and then everything just starts falling!”

   If that movie doesn’t put shivers down one’s spine, ever hear of The Boy?  This movie centers on an elderly couple, the Heelshires, hiring a nanny, Greta, to watch their son. The only thing is, their son is a doll. Nothing strange about that, right? Just wait until the doll starts doing even stranger things that will make one’s head spin! “In The Boy,” begins Barrios,I remember the creepiest part was when the lady leaves the boy alone and he kept moving by himself.” But, for Barrios, the most frightening part was “when she was looking at the pictures on the wall… a hand comes out of the picture and grabs her by the neck!”

While these remain at the top of Barrios’ horror movie list, Parasite is currently topping many others’. However, the all-time scariest movies that continually pop up on national lists include The Shining, The Exorcist, and Psycho. Horror movie enthusiasts may have to agree to disagree on that.

   To find out personally, just choose a spot on the couch, grab some popcorn, turn out the lights, and hit the play button on the remote. Oh, but don’t forget to lock the doors first!