Feb. 11: Attend The EHS Winter Carnival!


Emily Martinez-Esqueda, Staff Writer

Games, food, friends, and raffles equal FUN, FUN, FUN, and more FUN.

Tomorrow is the EHS Winter Carnival–complete with a host games as well as bouncy houses for kids to enjoy. Take this opportunity to not only support the school and fellow classmates  but to also spend time with friends and family. Everyone is invited and welcome to come! The carnival begins 10 a.m. and runs until 2 p.m. at the Elkhart Freshman Division.

This carnival is planned out entirely through students of NHS. It began a few years ago–in 2019–when the president of NHS during that time decided that big event would attract more students than  a school dance. However, that Winter Carnival was the last big event before the pandemic–until it was reinstituted again last year. The turnouts are always good. “The carnival has become like a tradition now,” says Activities Director Mr. Jeff Miller. Students of NHS are also in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week ; thus, much of the money that is earned during the carnival is used for teachers. They also put the money to use for other activities and causes that seem fit. 

This is definitely an event that students can’t afford to miss. Although tickets must be purchased to participate,they are all affordable. While one ticket is a quarter, a “bundle” of tickets is only $5! Wristbands can even be purchased to provide access to the food and games, making them the most affordable deal available. There is even a raffle for the adults, where highest bidder wins the item.