The Futures Of Juniors 


Abby Rauguth, Editor-in-Chief

Only a year away, graduation for the Class of 2024 is coming up fast, and juniors are getting prepared.

With senior year just around the corner, the juniors are anticipating their futures. What will their next plans be? College? Enlist in the Military? Get a job? 

Cymantha Jones, a current Junior, plans to graduate high school with her associates degree and further apply to Saint Mary’s College, majoring in business and music, alongside a minor in fashion. She hopes to get her bachelor’s degree within the subsequent three years, followed by attending at Notre Dame for graduate school. While Jones knows this plan isn’t set in stone, her backup college choices are Purdue or Indiana University. 

Going into college means a whole new environment. New possibilities are introduced and excitement blooms. Jones is looking forward to many new opportunities. “Having more freedom will be so relieving. It will also be so nice to have more control over my work time.” While the high school experience is great, the workload can get stressful. However, it all pays off in the end. Jones expresses it this way: “Every late night I studied and every paper I spent too long writing has all been leading up to getting into the college of my dreams.” 

As Jones is still in high school, there is still much to look forward to. She shares her anticipation for senior year: prom, senior skip day, senior prank, senior breakfast, and most importantly, walking across that graduation stage. “Those big days of high school really wrap everything up; it makes it all so much more surreal.” Jones has many emotions when it comes to what her future holds. Most are exciting, but she still expresses her despair of having to leave and grow apart from her closest friends. “But,” she concludes, “that is what college is all about! It’s about being on your own, finding yourself, and even making new friends!”

So, while senior year is coming in fast, Jones is fully prepared. Her future holds so much, and she can’t wait to begin it!