Society For A Better Earth: On A Mission To Save The Planet


Joclynn Cochran, Staff Writer

Earth is a very majestic place. It is home to many living things. That’s why it is important for future generations to know how to take care of it.

Students at Elkhart High School have this opportunity to learn just that through Society for a Better Earth, where students from 9th through 12th grade are welcomed in to explore ways to help maintain this planet.

Mr. Eric Jantzen and Ms. Katie Hertsel are co-sponsors, and their goal is this: “Encourage students to appreciate nature and teach them to protect it.” Society for a Better Earth is about environmental education, passion, and activism. Not only is this society a great way to “bond” over a great cause, it allows students to establish a sense of opinion and viewpoint about the world.

What better way to do that than to actually get out and enjoy nature. Thus, Society for a Better Earth participates in monthly trips to local destinations in Elkhart. Jantzen states, “We make sure that we get outside once a month–even in the winter–and hike in one of the many county and state parks that we live near.” This allows the society to acknowledge the earth’s beauty first hand. 

Junior Elena Krueper and senior Wichita Keen took it a step further, seizing the bold opportunity to convince the Elkhart Council to “ encourage the city to be more sustainable, whether that be by limiting fossil fuel emissions or by developing a climate action plan.” Krueper and Keen have made it their mission to research what this city specifically needs at the moment compared to what’s already been done. Krueper and Keen think that this new enforcement will help the earth in years to come. By enforcing this rule, people can make a notable difference in the earth. 

To that point, Krueper and Keen are currently “in the process of creating a sort of ‘spin-off’ club for Society for A Better Earth, where students can help with the Resolution, too.” Krueper adds in, “Spots are a bit limited–we want to try to get about seven members– but it should be a ton of fun, and members will be able to help their community in a new, impactful way while learning about local government and how climate change directly impacts them.” The two hope that this “spin-off” takes off soon.

Those interested in joining are reminded that Society for a Better Earth has no requirements. “Just show up and get involved whenever it is convenient to you!” Students and Staff can join by emailing Mr. Jantzen ([email protected]) or Ms. Hertsel ([email protected]).  

Both Jantzen and Hertsel encourage everyone to join. As Jantzen says, “We accept any and all who think our planet is worth protecting and conserving for future generations.”