Finding the Perfect Date


Amanya Gonzales, Writer

Let’s be real. Dinner and the movies just aren’t cutting it anymore. They don’t excite or get anyone’s blood rushing, thinking, “Wow!” In the dating world, we’ve come to a point where we’ve lost our mojo. Unlike Austin Powers, though, we’re smooth enough to gain it back pretty quickly. Here are some date ideas that may make one’s blood rush again.

Indiana is known for being cold—and with the cold comes snow. So, what’s stopping a snow date? Instead of cuddling up to watch Frosty the Snowman on T.V. or ignoring your date by playing a Call of Duty, why not recreate them in real life? Switch up the artillery to snowballs and let the games begin, or build your own Frosty, complete with button eyes and a carrot nose.

But, if treasure hunts are your thing, why not make it one wild ride. Imagine scouring the house—or even the city!—for small tokens that lead up to one amazing treasure. Within the hunt, there are little treasure strewn around that make it all the more special. Although treasure hunts take elaborate set-up, if hard work doesn’t bother you, it can turn into one night that’ll leave your date guessing!

TikTok was bound to come up at some point. It’s hard to imagine, but for many, TikTok occupies much our free time. It’s crazy how what feels like watching 15 minutes of TikTok can, in fact, be two full hours! So, whether it’s poking fun at #couplegoals or doing the many infamous dances of TikTok, one thing is for certain: It’ll keep you on your toes!

However, Imani Graham, 11, confesses that her very own favorite date idea is simply going for a drive. “Sometimes it’s just the drive that’s my favorite part. It’s just the two of you vibing to music in the car, just driving. You don’t really have to go anywhere,” she adds. “I feel like it’s just the drive itself that can make the date.”

What makes or breaks a date in the end is not the date itself, but the effort. Nobody wants the same date to happen over and over again, so try something new. Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas,  because in the grand scheme of things, it may truly set one apart in that giant ocean of fish.