Suggestion Box: A Way That Students Can Have A Say


Destinee Middleton, Staff Writer

Issues may be everywhere one looks. In schools, jobs, and even favorite restaurants, there comes a time when a community may have to change its rules or environment. As staff and administration begin to adjust their rules a bit to fit the school structure, students have also grown to desire a change in their school environment. 

During Mid-October of 2022, EHS Activities Director Mr. Jeff Miller created a suggestion box for just this reason. This is intended for new ideas and valuable feedback on school improvement. Students and staff are both encouraged to contribute to the use of it. The suggestion box is located outside the Student Activities room in the 10-12 Campus Main Building, right next to the Student Center, where many students love to hang. Despite walking past it nearly every day, most students say that they’ve never heard of this suggestion box. Others are aware of it but just haven’t used it. Sophomore Sophia Grubbs admits, “I think I’ve heard of this.” But, she has ideas on how she would use it. “I would use the suggestion box to reopen Door 26,” she states emphatically. “It’s so chaotic without it, and I’m late to class because of it not being in use.” Lots of students have claimed to be late to their next class because they cannot use Door 26 anymore. Even some students have gotten in trouble with teachers or other staff members due to the fact that they can’t use that door to enter or exit the school building. 

JaQuan Curtis, a junior, notes, “I would use the suggestion box to hopefully reduce hours from school–even though it’s not very possible and isn’t under my control. I would definitely use it to change future problems, as well.” The amount of school hours that Elkhart Community Schools, specifically Elkhart High School, have are very upsetting to the much of the student body. Students usually have after school activities and get home unquestionably late. They go to bed late, as well, because of homework they may have to complete after school. The school hours are just no longer beneficial to the students. 

Some students even put themselves into the administration’s shoes and said what they would do with the suggestions. Junior Addison Asbury exclaims, “I would look at each of the suggestions and take them seriously. We should think about ways we can act upon changing those issues.” Agreeing with Asbury, Jamie McCarter, a senior,voices, “Administration should take each suggestion into account!” Knowing what students would do if they were in charge should help administration understand what their students want. This should give them a sense of ease in making these decisions. 

Arts & Communication Secretary, Mrs. Maritza Banuelos, states, “I have not heard about the suggestion box, but I think it’s a great idea! I would suggest ideas that can benefit our students, such as incentives and motivation for our students.” She continues, “Yes, I would use it. I think if staff and students can suggest and/or point out flaws that we have, this can help improve our school building.” Staff should want to –and do–motivate students inside and outside the classroom. Students need the support from their teachers so that they are more likely to succeed educationally and mentally. The suggestion box is one avenue in reaching that goal.

Students want to contribute to the many changes in their futures. The more of a say that they have in the policies that affect them, the more invested they will be in maintaining them…or changing them.