Gracie Abrams: A “This Is What It Feels Like” Moment 


Abby Rauguth, Editor-in-Chief

A new global pop star is on the rise!

With the start of her episodes Minior and This Is What It Feels Like being released in 2020 and 2021, Gracie Abrams is gaining popularity day by day–but is no longer a secret. 

Now, Abrams is rising higher with her soon-released debut album: Good Riddance, which will soon be released on Feb. 24 in addition to the recent release of the single Where Do We Go Now? Lilliana Godfrey, a junior, is excited to see what this new album brings and how it will influence Abrams’ already  skyrocketing career. Godfrey expresses her love for the new single: “Listening to it is truly magical, and I can’t wait to hear what else she puts out!” While the fans play the newly released song on repeat, they have much to anticipate with Abrams’ headline tour being announced! 

Beginning in Chicago on Mar. 7, Abrams will be touring up until Apr. 10, leaving off in California. Abrams is known for her small shows, as well as her many fan interactions. It’s a dream of Godfrey’s to be able to attend one of these shows. “She is so interactive with the crowd–and even occasionally plays unreleased songs! The shows seem so private, and to be able to attend one would be very meaningful to me.” Although this is Abrams’ debut album, this is not her first tour! The I’ve Missed You, I’m Sorry Tour took place in 2021, consisting of 11 shows, followed by the This Is What It Feels Like Tour in 2022, including 20 shows in North America and 15 shows in the United Kingdom/Eastern Europe. While many fans’ favorite aspects of these shows are the small venues, they are worried that this is the last chance offered to see her until she takes on bigger stages. 

In April of 2022, Abrams had the honor of opening 14 shows for artist Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Tour; this definitely boosted her popularity, as she was performing in much larger venues than normal. But, coming up this year, from April through August, Abrams has the honor to open 30 shows for Taylor Swift The Eras Tour. These shows will be performed in stadiums, the largest stages she will have ever performed on yet. These shows will be providing perfect opportunities for her to grow her career even further, and her fans couldn’t be more proud of her. Godfrey will be in attendance on July 1.“This is my first time actually being able to see her perform, and it’s so surreal to be in a stadium!” Godfrey cannot express her pride enough, and she reveals she will be the loudest cheering fan during her set! 

While Abrams continues to grow as an artist, Godfrey hopes she will continue to perform in smaller venues, as well–even if it’s only occasionally. “I think she will continue the smaller shows; she adores all her fans, and being in the smaller venue allows her to really interact with everyone.” Pausing to reflect, Godfrey adds,I really hope she is going to want to keep her day one fans involved.” 

While Abrams’ career takes off, everyone’s love for her music continues to grow. “Her music is made for everyone; it just lets you know that you are not alone. You can relate to everything she’s written on so many different levels, it’s incredible.” Godfrey confesses. This was Abrams exact goal, as she endlessly expresses the meaningfulness of this album, and the love for the fans: “I hope with my whole heart that there’s something in here that makes you feel less alone. I’ll be thanking you all for the rest of my life for taking this record and making it yours.”