Christmas Break: A Time To Reflect, A Time To Reunite With Family


Joclynn Cochran, Staff Writer

Is winter break starting too late this year? It’s always a toss up. 

While all are ecstatic for break, some are disappointed to learn that it isn’t coming as soon as expected. Break will begin this year on Dec. 22–just three days before Christmas. The pressure of preparing for the holidays while also preparing for final exams is overwhelming to them. Others are relieved that they don’t have to return to school until Jan. 9, giving them a much-needed rest after the holidays.

Kenya Murray, a sophomore, believes she has a solution–taking her example from colleges. “Christmas break is starting really late this year,” she begins. “I believe that our break should last for three weeks to give our students rest.” This, she insists, would alleviate the time crunch on both ends. Murray isn’t the only student who feels this way. Jaethon Rees, also a sophomore, adds on by saying, “I agree. Our breaks should be much longer, especially since we have two holidays like Christmas and New Years combined into one break.”Rees truly believes that this is a time to spend with family and make memories. 

In fact, many students end up traveling long distances to do just that. Kaniya Jackson, a junior, plans on taking a trip to Colorado to see her family. Jackson  says, “I wish Christmas would be starting sooner, because I don’t have enough time to drive to Colorado without missing school days.” Jackson, who plans on making it to Colorado a day or two after Christmas, leaves off on a good note, though: “I can’t wait to see my family–and will most definitely have a good time!”

Unlike many, Felipe Clark,a sophomore at Elkhart, thinks that Dec. 22 is a great time to start Christmas break. Clark says, “I believe that Christmas break is starting right on time. This gives us students time to get our final exams done without rushing.” Clark has a great point. Clark has been studying diligently but adds on by admitting, “I can’t wait to sleep in during break!” After his long winter’s nap, though, Clark intends “spending time with my family and going to my friends house.” 

A’J Lintz, a sophomore at Elkhart High School, thinks that breaks–no matter when they start or end–are necessary for all students. Lintz is also glad that her break goes into January, which will provide enough time to complete the long list of plans in the works. “My plans are to celebrate my dad’s birthday, celebrate the holidays and get it over with, and save up any money I have. I might win a raffle I entered, and I’m going to be getting a MYO ticket for this thing I’m trying to get.”

Even if a student has absolutely no plans over the holidays, Christmas break will be the perfect diversion from school work. It can also be the ideal time to reflect on those things in life that are truly important.