Christmas: What To Give That Special Someone


Elaina Malcom, Staff Writer

Christmas. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

For so many, it’s definitely the presents and the opportunity to see loved ones. But, what’s the right gift to get that special someone–especially when in high school? There are an infinite number of options to choose from. Before selecting a gift, however, there are other items to consider. Starting off: What’s the correct amount of money to spend?

Leilah Topolski, a sophomore at Elkhart High School, said, “The right amount of money to spend on a loved one is about $70.” Anything over that, she states, may be investing more than the worth of the relationship. In addition, it may prove to be out of balance with the gift received, which creates an obvious awkwardness. Knowing this, Layne Healy, a junior at Elkhart High School, is getting his loved one a weighted stuffed animal. He says, “It’s easier to think of something unique to get my partner since I’ve been with her for a long period of time.” Most teens surveyed say want hoodies, blankets, jewelry, and clothes. Other gift ideas include a special dinner or night out at the movies, perfume and cologne, and even items that cost the giver nothing but his or her time, such as a coupon book for sweet treats…a free coffee delivered, donuts on the way to school, a homemade pizza night, etc.

In terms of family and friends, the average amount of money to spend is between $40-$100. But, what do they get? Normally when thinking of easy gifts, some suggest clothes, money, or even appliances. Just make sure that it is an item that the recipient would appreciate. If that person likes puzzles, then buy a unique puzzle! If he or she  likes trendy clothes, pick out an item or purchase a gift certificate to a favorite store.  Showing a desire to please is as important as the gift itself!

Knowing someone for a while gives more time to learn his or her likes and interests. The giver will know the person’s favorite candies, drinks, and items previously mentioned that he or she finds an interest in. This makes it so much easier to get a gift for that person, rather than someone who’s a newer acquaintance.

Clearly, there are many factors that come with receiving and giving gifts, but knowing the right price range and a bit about the person receiving the gift will make the joy of giving this season a little bit brighter.