Cure For Holiday Boredom: Teen Charcuterie Board!


Fabiola Talavera Lopez, Staff Writer

Everybody loves parties, especially teenagers.  But, not everybody likes the same foods…especially teenagers.

When parties are planned, a big part of the party is a snack table. The host usually sets up an assortment of treats and snacks on a large table ready for the guests to stuff their mouths. And, a popular staple at a snack table these days are charcuterie boards.

Typically served on a wooden board or stone slab, charcuterie is a type of appetizer that can be eaten directly off the board or portioned onto tableware. It includes a variety of preserved foods, including pâtés or cured meats, cheeses, and crackers or bread. But, parents know the struggle of getting their picky teenagers to enjoy these foods.

So, what would teenagers put on a charcuterie board if given the opportunity to assemble their own? According to students here at EHS, teens love a variety of snacks! Potato chips were the primary item to build upon. Sophomore Anthony Rivas went into detail when talking about why he loves chips and why he would put them on a charcuterie board: “A bunch of chips are good for a certain type of mood, you know?” Thus, his entire board would be comprised of everything from Buffalo-Style potato chips to Doritos. Briza Espindola, also a sophomore, has a pretty straightforward answer when describing what she would put on a charcuterie board: “Takis!” Why? “Because they are spicy.” Uniquely, she would pair them with cookies, “because they’re sweet and very good.” Thinking for a moment, Espindola adds, “…and ice cream!” Other items suggested were  such things as M&Ms, bite-size candy bars, and even graham crackers with frosting.

While many may think that charcuterie boards are new, they have been popular in Europe for centuries. The charcuteries and cheeses of France, Italy, Germany, and Greece were first introduced to American soldiers during World War II, sparking a homegrown interest in European cuisines. However, moving away from formal dinners toward cocktail parties began gaining in popularity as early as the 1910s in the United States, when a variety of finger foods given throughout the night was favored to full-course sit-down meals.

Despite becoming a trendy starter in restaurants nowadays, charcuterie boards have maintained their popularity at home and at dinner parties for decades because they are so simple to prepare. So, to keep teenagers from being bored at the next holiday gathering, let them add their unique twists to this age-old board.