Saint-Louis Scores Big With Football Team


Sophia Ibarra, Staff Writer

He’s livin’ the dream: getting paid to do what he loves best–coaching football.

In his first season as head coach for the Lions, Romison Saint-Louis has taken his team to a 6-1 record–losing only to Penn. Currently ranked 3rd in Conference–and with only two games left on the regular season schedule–Saint-Louis fully intends to finish off with an 8-1 record. Next up is Friday’s home game against Mishawaka Marian.

While Coach Saint-Louis may be new to Elkhart, he is no rookie to the game. “This is my fifteenth year of coaching,” he proudly states.  Yet, his time on the field goes back even further. “I started playing football in seventh grade,” Saint-Louis explains. Recalling back, he adds, “I actually didn’t want to play–I was afraid I would get hurt! But, my friend made me, and I fell in love with it.” Saint-Louis went on to play all four years of high school and on into college. “One year after that,” he notes, “I went straight into coaching.”

During these past 15 years, Saint-Louis has chalked up a lot of wins and can recall exceptional moments on the field with his team. Yet, that is not what fuels his love of the game. “What I really like about coaching are the relationships that I build and the impact I make on [my players],” Saint-Louis confides. Two veteran EHS football players are glad to have the opportunity to now be amongst them.  “Coach Saint-Louis is very good at his job,” declares junior Jaavin Sanders, a Varsity running back. “He changes people’s mentality by ensuring everyone knows they’re worth being a part of the team.” Teammate E.J. Aguirre, also a junior and Varsity defensive tackle, agrees.  “Coach Saint-Louis is pretty cool,” he casually tosses out there. “And, I like how he teaches us how to be a man,  how to play football correctly, and how he motivates the team.” 

The positive impact that Coach Romison Saint-Louis has already had on the team is clear, but it has taken time: Time at practice. Time at the games. And, time away from his home.“The time it takes away from my family is significant, but it’s worth it.”