BEWARE: “Candy” That Can Kill


Emily Martinez-Esqueda, Staff Writer

Halloween can be a frightening time. But, what could be more frightening than tainted candy meant to harm–or even kill–a child!

Trick-or-treaters use to worry about razors inside apples–then people stopped handing out apples. Then it was poisoned homemade treats–so people handed out only pre-wrapped items. Now, it’s fentanyl guised as SweeTarts. Thus, families are being urged to check carefully to make sure that this Halloween anything resembling SweeTarts or Smarties is actually just that–and not the deadly fentanyl.

Just one year ago, the DEA launched the “One Pill Can Kill” campaign to spread awareness and educate people on the dangers of these pills. Yet, between May 23 and Sept. 8, the DEA has seized more than 10.2 million fentanyl pills and 980 pounds of fentanyl powder. The amount of fentanyl that the DEA has seized is the equivalent to 36 million lethal doses. These drugs are disguised as bright multi-colored candy and are so easy to fool people. They come in all shapes and sizes and are referred to as “rainbow fentanyl.” 

Fentanyl is even more addictive and deadlier than heroin. The problem with this is that most people are not aware that what they are consuming is actually fentanyl. Drug dealers will usually lace their products with this drug in order to make people want to buy from them more, creating addiction. Thus, people never really know what they are consuming. Along with this, the amount of fentanyl is also very deadly and is purposefully measured to overdose. Doctors have less of a chance at reviving a person who has overdosed on fentanyl than someone who overdosed on heroin. 

Originally, fentanyl was used as an anesthetic. It is a doctor-prescribed drug and can be helpful in relieving people’s pain. In the hands of drug dealers, however, it is considered deadly. Thus, the prescribed version is the only way to ensure it is “safe.” Fentanyl is so strong that it is used to treat advanced cancer pain. The effects it has on any person’s body go beyond relaxation and  euphoria. Fentanyl can also cause respiratory depression, urinary retention, and death. It has so many negative effects on an otherwise healthy body that, if they do not immediately die by taking this, they are still slowly killing themselves.

Drug dealers have reached a all-time low by targeting innocent children. If they think it’s just a great idea, it makes one wonder what a dose of their own “medicine” would do to life of their industry.