Halloween Costumes: Dressing Up For A Night Out!


Abby Rauguth, Editor

Everyone loves Halloween–but the idea of getting to dress-up for the occasion is loved even more. Getting ready with friends, spending the night out, and even costume competitions are just a few of the aspects that create this excitement when the night falls…even for teenagers.

Dressing up when young, however, is when the fun began. Some of the perennial favorites continue to be Disney Princesses–Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella comprise the top three–and Superheroes, like Ironman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman. For Kyla Albright, a junior, it was none of these. She claims a favorite costume when growing up was Abby Cadabby. Always a favorite character to watch on Sesame Street, dressing up as her made it just that much more fun! Many have differing opinions on the age limit to dressing up, and even trick-or-treating. Albright believes that dressing up should have no age limit, and it’s something everyone could partake in.

In fact, dressing up as one gets older is where the fun escalates. Having more freedom of selection and the ability to creatively express oneself is where the challenge lies. Group costumes and even couple costumes become more popular with age, as well. “Some of the best costumes I have seen have always been the group ones, like Scooby Doo and even Powerpuff girls. Those costumes are always the cutest!” While group costumes are her favorite, Albright reveals this year she and her boyfriend are opting for a couple’s costume. Albright will be dressing up as a Piglet, and her boyfriend will be accompanying as Winnie the Pooh. 

Everyone has his or her own take on dressing up for Halloween–some go for “spooky,” and some go for more subtle looks. Zombies and ghosts, however, are never in short supply. Due to this, Albright feels those are the most overrated costumes. “They are seen way too often; they’re just not as creative as some of the others I have seen.”

Regardless, Halloween still holds a great deal of enchantment for people of all ages…and the thrill of dressing up just adds to that!