Crumbl Ratings: That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles


Emily Martinez-Esqueda, Staff Writer

They are the “Goldilocks” of all cookies:  “not too soft, not too hard, but just right.”

Since Crumbl Cookies opened on July 1 in Mishawaka, it has received astoundingly positive reviews. These cookies are so sweet and so fluffy that they feel just perfect in one’s mouth. But, don’t even think of trying to fit an entire cookie in all at once. The sizes are way too big to finish in one sitting–let alone one bite! Their array of flavors, however, is what keeps customers coming back for more. Every week Crumbl Cookie comes up with a total of 4-5 new cookie flavors,  so they are never the same two weeks in a row.

It’s an exciting feeling opening a new box and not really knowing what to expect. The all-time favorite cookie has been the Animal Circus cookie. It had sprinkles on it; it was pink; it was sweet; and, it had a little, frosted animal cracker on top. It was perfect! This week, though, the flavors were to die for: Cake Batter, Dark Dream, Strawberry Milk, Peanut Butter Munch, Pink Cadillac Sugar, and of course, the classic Milk Chocolate Chip.

In a “taste test” of this week’s offerings–using a rating scale from 1-10–none fell short of incredible. However, breaking it down, here are the results:

The very first cookie sampled was Dark Dream. This was just a very chocolatey, rich cookie. For someone who loves chocolate, it would be delicious. This cookie is a 7/10.

Pink Cadillac Sugar was next. This cookie tastes just like a sugar cookie. It was pink frosting that made this cookie a standout. It was so sweet! And, it also had a little picture of a Cadillac on it, which made it visually more fun to eat. This cookie was definitely a 10/10.

Then, it was on to the Peanut Butter Munch. This cookie had a thick schmear of chocolate on top, but the peanut butter flavor of the cookie itself stood out perfectly, making it taste a lot more balanced. This cookie was an 8/10.

Next was Cake Batter. This cookie tastes just like perfect cake batter, and it was sweet–but not too sweet! The unexpectedly accurate flavor of this one puts it high on the list:  9/10.

With only two more to sample, Strawberry Milk seemed like a good choice. This cookie looked and tasted just like the strawberry shortcake popsicle. It had strawberry frosting on top that was like fresh, creamy, strawberry yogurt;  it was so flavorful! Out of all the cookies, this tops the list! Strawberry lovers will not be able to get enough of this one! This cookie was a 10/10. And, if the scale went higher, so would its score.

Last, but certainly not least, was Chocolate Chip. This cookie is a very basic option, and it didn’t really have anything that stood out like the rest of the cookies. The flavor was good, but it was just an ordinary chocolate chip cookie. While good, this one was a 7/10.

Not everyone will agree with these results, but–hey!–that’s the way the cookie crumbles!