Schools Need The Right Mix Of Clubs


Alayna Robertson, Staff Writer

High school is a crucial part of a teenager’s life. It’s a place where they have the chance to socialize, have fun, and grow academically. And what’s the best way to do all of those things? Join a club!

Being in a school club is arguably one of the best things that teens can do for themselves in high school. Clubs help teen make new friends that share common interests–and they even look great on college applications. So, why does there seem to be fewer and fewer students joining clubs each year? 

One reason cited by students at EHS is that club offerings across the country are not keeping up with the times.  Many feel there is a lack of  clubs that match their career interests. Sophomore Macy Ottman expresses this: “None of the clubs here have caught my attention yet, but if I hear of one that does, I would totally join!” Ottman feels that a Medical Profession Club would be an exciting way to further her interests. “I want to be a doctor when I get older,” explains Ottman, “so being in a club with other people who have the same goal would be really cool.” 

Contrasted to Ottman’s passion for medicine, Destinee Middleton loves to bake–which may even be a career direction for some. Middleton, a sophomore, thinks that an after-school Baking Club would draw students. “You’d be surprised how many people like to bake,” claims Middleton. She then goes on to explain that offering a Baking Club would provide a space to have fun with friends while doing something one loves. 

Allowing students to provide ideas for clubs is a great way to get kids to join them! They know their peers better than anyone else and supply helpful insights on how to make school more enjoyable with clubs.