Student Assisting: A Learning Opportunity


Ryann Ottman, Editor

Life is all about options.

Many students around Elkhart High may feel stuck in a study hall class, unaware of the many other opportunities available–including Student Assisting.

Student Assisting is usually available to junior and senior students who have a study hall or a free period. Most students pick to assist their favorite subject or even their favorite teachers. Junior Lilliana Godfrey had a free hour in her schedule and wanted to try something new. In the process, she discovered her love for helping her teacher, Mrs. Lorie Hite, in the classroom.

Trying new things isn’t all Student Assisting seems to be, though. Students have also learned some valuable real-life lessons while assisting. “You learn how to help others and teach others, which can both be used for the real world,” Godfrey explains. Moreover, students can even learn more on the subject they are assisting for, without all the regular class work. So, not only is assisting helpful to the staff, it’s becoming educational for the students, as well. 

It’s also important to assist a teacher a student enjoys being around and is happy to help.  For Godfrey, Mrs. Hite  fit this description perfectly. “I had her last year for English and loved her,” Godfrey comments enthusiastically. “I was so excited when I got the chance to help out in her classroom.” Godfrey thoroughly enjoys assisting and recommends that other students give it a try. 

Student Assisting is always a great opportunity to have open, whether it’s taken or not. It is an option that make all the difference in a student’s educational world.