On The Entertainment Scene Is Book-To-Screen


Nerlyn Martinez-Esqueda, Editor

Over the years, books have been adapted into movies and television shows. A few well known are The Fault in our Stars, The Hunger Games series, and the Harry Potter series. 

This past year, many books have been released or announced in becoming movies/shows–one of them being The Summer I turned Pretty by Jenny Han. The first book of this trilogy was released in 2009 and the last was released in 2011. Over this past summer, June of 2022, Amazon Prime released the seven-episode TV series. This show has received so much love that Season 2 was announced before the release of Season 1–with Season 2 already in production. Han has had other successful book-to-screen adaptations. Her trilogy To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before released in 2014 was adapted into a Netflix Original in 2018. 

This isn’t the only book Netflix has adapted to a movie/show. Over the summer, Love & Gelato was released. This book is part of a trilogy, making fans wonder if Netflix will release a movie for each of the other two books.

A while back, Justin Baldoni, producer of Five Feet Apart, another book to movie adaptation, announced a project. This project is It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover, which was originally released in 2016. This book has received a lot of attention over the years. Many TikToks have been made. Jamie McCarter, a senior, finished this book just this Monday. “A lot of videos involving this book were on my for you page; I finally caved and bought the book.” So, what was her reaction to the book? “Good book: Every time I pulled out the book, someone would ask me how I was liking it so far.” Continuing, she added, “I’m very excited to see how similar the book and the movie are.”  This movie does not have a release date yet, but many fans are anxious to watch it.