Gotham Knights: ARG Vs. TV


Angelina Simmons, Staff Writer

Oh, the games people play!

Gotham Knights is based in the DC superhero Batman universe. It is an ARG (Action Role-playing Game)  that can be played multi-player or single-player. Sophomore Teanna McIntyre would prefer to “play the ARG game with online friends because it adds more options to the game and there is someone to talk to.”

This video game is scheduled to come out later this year, but the CW has a television element in the works with the same name. This TV show seems to have the same premise and characters as the video game, but it has been stated that neither are connected. The television show is also scheduled to premiere sometime next year, in 2023.

One Batman villain who will make an appearance in the TV series is Two Face. Two Face–otherwise known as Harvey Dent–was a defense lawyer who had a kind soul and always wanted the best for others, but after a tragic accident where half of his face is melted off by acid, he goes insane…basically becoming a DC version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One of his infamous tricks is flipping a coin to decide who lives and who dies, which relates to his character in a way.

Who will be playing this character? Well, it has recently been confirmed that the Supernatural star Misha Collins has been cast in the role of Two Face. Other CW stars have been cast, as well, such as Anna Lore as Stephanie Brown. 

Misha Collins has played many characters over the years–both good and bad. However, if people consider it perfect casting or type-casting, McIntyre speaks to that point. “Misha Collins is a good fit to play the role of Two Face; he has done a lot of acting and probably knows how the character is supposed to be played. In general, I think Two Face is a pretty interesting character!”

This brings excitement yet controversy to the CW, as recently they have canceled a lot of their popular shows, most choosing to blame the ones that have been greenlit. It is also controversial because it isn’t part of the ongoing DC TV universe; instead, they have going with shows such as The Flash or Superman and Lois.

Even with the video game and the series not being connected, some are hopeful for at least a few little Easter eggs referencing one or the other. McIntyre agrees. “I think the television show and video game will have Easter eggs; most video games have hidden Easter eggs throughout the game that involves shows and movies.”

Game features have been previewed, such as examples and styles of gameplay. Not much else has been released about either of these projects, but fans hope for the best. If people feel leary about the game, series, or both, they should just think of it as McIntyre does: “I’m excited for both the TV show and video game, because it’s something new to watch and play.”