Playstation: Any “Plusses” To Combining Subscriptions?


Angelina Simmons, Staff Writer

More content or just more money?

The rumors that have been spreading like wildfire about Playstation + and Playstation now combining to become one subscription service are officially true. Many people have one or both of these subscription services, such as sophomore Angelica Sanchez. “We have Playstation +,” Sanchez begins. “My brother got it so he can play games with me!”

Some aspects about the features can be exciting on their own and may be even better together; however, what would the combined price look like? According to the Playstation store, a year for the new feature is $60. Playstation +’s main feature was the online multiplayer service, while Playstation now gave many people access to games that weren’t available otherwise–such as games from the PS3-4 era.

Overall, when combining them together, there isn’t much to it. This makes many people wonder if any of this is even worth it, especially with a price of $60 per year, which is a significant amount of money when jobs don’t pay very much these days and over half of Americans live in poverty. Yet, gaming systems, in general, should be considered a luxury item when money is an issue.

Those wanting to explore this option further still have a few weeks to do so before  it is officially released on June 13. For now, many can find themselves relating to how Sanchez feels: “I have no idea if we will get the new subscription.”

Whether it is viewed as a positive or negative option, there is no going back now. All one can do is decide whether to opt-in or opt-out.