Working Out Just Isn’t Working Out!


Ryann Ottman, Staff Writer

P.E. Gym. Physical Education. Whatever someone calls it, all know what it means–the mile run, the pacer test, and endless games of dodgeball. But, some  have found themselves beginning to dislike working out simply because of the class.

Some students, such as Kiertan Lane, a sophomore at Elkhart High, believe that some of the standards that high schoolers are pushed to, take some of the fun out of the class. “I don’t like that you have to run in a certain amount of time for your mile test; that is, like, 15% of your grade!” Lane states. The expectation of students having to run in a certain amount of time for such a large portion of their grade can be stressful. Lane goes on to explain that it would be less stressful and more realistic if the students set goals that they believe they could achieve through the class.

It isn’t that students don’t enjoy the aspect of working out, though. “I work out a lot when I’m not in school,” Lane explains. “It’s less stressful when I get to set my own schedule and pace with things.” When it comes to scheduling workouts, it really makes people wonder how they’d perform during different times of day. P.E. is always scheduled for the same time everyday for students, whether it be first thing in the morning or the last period of the day. Lane questions if students may not be performing to their best ability when in P.E. because their bodies aren’t necessarily used to working out then–or even ready to do it then. 

So how should P.E. change, then? “I think P.E. should be more of teaching kids the fundamentals of how working out and being active can help your body become more healthy,” Lane asserts. “Some kids that haven’t had much athleticism in their lives before can be at a severe disadvantage because they don’t have the basics of things like this.”

Though it has its flaws, physical education is always a fun and educational class to take. As time goes on, it will change, as all things do, and hopefully it will be for the better for all students.