Summer Jobs: Working Hard For A Living


Abby Rauguth, Staff Writer

It’s almost summer. So, what are everyone’s plans? Sleep in? Hang out at the beach? What about earning some extra money?

Teenagers are all excited to be getting out of school for the summer, but they are even more excited to start having fun–even if that means finding a fun job!

Summer jobs are quite popular; many range from working outdoors–maybe a lifeguard or a camp counselor–to working indoors, possibly as a babysitter or someone in customer service. Alexia Segura, a sophomore, explains how her summer job will be working at Hacienda. She shares her joy for her job: “I do actually enjoy my job; the work is easy and the managers are really laid back!” Having this easy summer job will not only keep her busy, but it will also help her complete the top item on her bucket list, which is to earn lots of money and save it up for the near future!

While summer jobs may sound fun, that might not always be the reality. According to Segura, the best summer job to have would be to be a “YouTuber,” not only having fun but  also getting paid. YouTubers have lots of free-range, as a YouTuber Segura says, “You get to hang out and mess around with your friends, instead of going to work everyday, and in some cases you are even making more money!” On the other hand, the worst summer job would definitely have to be a lifeguard, Segura confides. She goes on to say it would be too hot out and doesn’t seem very enjoyable. While this may not be her dream job, there are plenty of others who would find it the ideal way to spend the summer.

Summer is also just a great time to spend with friends and family. Segura says she doesn’t have anything specific planned, but she is definitely eager to be able to hang out with her friends. She even goes further to explain how plans can easily be made with the help of the money being earned from her job. Not only can the money earned help with making plans with friends, but it can also help plan trips. Segura concludes, “I would love to be able to visit Hawaii!” If cost were not a option, that would be the next place she is headed! Maybe with a few more summers of saving money, that dream vacation may become a reality.