Powder Puff: Reversing The Roles


Adyan Al-Shamri, Staff Writer

Reversing the roles.

In America, it’s very common for everyone to have gone to at least one football game–boys playing the game and cheerleaders on the side keeping the school spirit up. However, how often do people go to a football game with girls playing football? 

On May 13, after school students watched as the roles were reversed. In the Powder Puff game, girls were on the field running for touchdowns and tackling their opponents–and boys were on the side cheering on these female players. Despite which side of the field they were on, these students involved gave it their all. In the end, only one grade could be on top–and Juniors did exactly that. However, it wasn’t really about who won, but rather the experience that the entire school shared as a collective whole.

For many, this could have been an intimidating moment being put in a different position. However, the girls found themselves toughing it out. Sophomore Samiyah Stout speaks on how she felt competing in Powder Puff. “It is something that is a very unique experience, and I haven’t done anything like this before. In the end, I am glad I did it.”

For the girls, this may have seemed out of their comfort zone being the ones front and center, but the boys also seemed to also have responsibilities weighing down on them. “It can be nerve wracking to be put in this position, but in the end, I didn’t want to be seen as anxious and pushed through,” senior Eduardo Aguirre states. “I am pleased with how everything went according to plan.”

The boys did much more than just cheering for the girls on the field; they were also coaching them along the process. The entire boys’ football team volunteered due to one shared interest. “I volunteered because I love football,” Aguirre confesses. “It was a dream and an amazing opportunity to coach for the girls. Everything was so much fun and I wish we could do it again.” 

While some of the girls may have had some background in football, others seemed to be completely lost. “I have never played football before,” Stout admits. “However, throughout the practices, I found myself getting more and more used to it. Now, I can proudly say I have played before.”

Anyone on a sports team would admit that the best part are the moments they share with their team. The Powder Puff girls are no different. Stout speaks on what the best part of Powder Puff was for her. “Being able to laugh and have fun with the girls is my favorite and most memorable moment that I will have from Powder Puff. In the end, we just genuinely enjoyed the game–even if we didn’t win!” The boys share a similar sentiment. “I really was looking forward to all the touchdowns and interceptions,”Aguirre states. “When I saw them play out in front of me, and knowing that I helped, gave me an amazing feeling!”

In the end, it’s more than just a game but another memory that many can add to their high school experience. And, Aguirre thinks there is one thing that should be remembered. “Go Lions!”