Who’s Ready For The Super Bowl!


Bianca Morales, Writer


In just three…two…one days, football fans will experience some LIVe action.

Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020: the 54th Super Bowl will be held at the Miami Rock Stadium as the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers. Demi Loavto will open with the National Anthem, while Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be entertaining fans with the half time show.

But, the event transcends the game of football itself. While many fans gather this time of year with family and friends to watch this suspenseful game, for others it’s about the team-themed parties—or even just for the commercials. “I really don’t enjoy watching football, because it really doesn’t interest me,” admits Ty’shauwn Williams, 10. “But I love watching the commercials! They are hilarious and the main thing I look forward to besides spending time with my family.”

   Every year, fans hope to see their favorite football team make it to the Super Bowl. But, when it’s down to the final two in the playoffs, new alliances are suddenly forged. “This year, I want the San Francisco 49ers to go to the Super Bowl,” insists Adolfo Campos, 10.

   Known as the “Team of the eighties”—having won four Super Bowls in that one decade—some fear that their glory days are past. However, the Chiefs have waited 50 years for this moment to return again. Thus, each come to Sunday’s event with much to prove. Although the 49ers are favored to win, the Chief’s quarterback, Patrick Lavon Mahomes II, may give them a run for their money.

When it’s all said and done, will it be the winning team that is remembered? Or, will Monday’s water cooler talk be all about their favorite commercials?