Spring Is In The Air At EHS–And Everywhere!


Elena Krueper, Staff Writer

Spring is in the air at Elkhart High School. The weather is finally starting to warm up, the Freshman Division just had their spring dance, and everyone’s spirits seem to be up after the long, hard winter.

Many students are excited to start getting back outside and participating in outdoor activities. Teriana Stanifer, a current sophomore at Elkhart High, is one of these people. She expresses this: “The nice weather is my favorite thing about spring/” Elaborating, she adds, “I like the change after it being so cold for so long. I also really enjoy walking around the parks because it gets me outside, and I can hang out with friends. I prefer going to Island Park. I have a lot of great memories from there.” Recalling one moment in particular, she continues, “Last spring, my sister caught a fish with her hands there!” 

Island Park is a notable place for students and their families to hangout. The park features a playground, numerous benches, a nicely paved walkway for jogging or walking–and even a stage that is used for some events there. One event that takes place there in the spring is the Rhapsody in Green Festival. Stanifer explains, “Another thing I like to do is go to festivals like Rhapsody in Green. There are always a ton of vendors there, and I like buying all of their new products.” The Rhapsody Festival is an annual festival that takes place in Island Park. Hundreds of people come in from around the area to enjoy the food, music, and the lively atmosphere. This year, the festival is set to take place around the first week of June.

That’s not all, however, that students are enthusiastic about. Some people have been eager to start gardening, going for bike rides, and/or having picnics. Stanifer goes on to say: “I’m especially looking forward to being able to just sit outside and have bonfires with family and friends. My friend actually almost fell into our bonfire a few weekends ago!” she notes. “She tripped over some sticks, but she ended up being fine.” 

Spring brings new beginnings for everyone, not just in the sense of weather or activities. It allows for new memories to be made and a feeling of renewal as people head into the summer. While some people may never be able to catch a fish with their hands or say that they’ve had a friend almost fall into a bonfire like Stanifer, spring is a fine time to get outside and create some long-lasting memories.