Step Into The Light 


Abby Rauguth, Staff Writer

Harry Styles is living up to his name and “never going out of style” with his new album announcement and exciting Coachella performances recently!

Weeks prior to Harry Styles’ announcement of his new album Harry’s House, the talented musical artist was already dropping hints. With the use of the Instagram and Twitter account “YouAreHome,” he has been posting clues to the fan base of this new release. The Twitter account has been posting verbal hints, which some even think are lyric versus, while the Instagram account has been posting visual hints, as images are shown behind a door that is slowly opening. Many think these are hints to music videos, as well as what the tracks will be about. Nerlyn Martinez-Esqueda, a junior here at school, says, “I am so excited for Harry’s House! He hasn’t released an album since 2019, so I’m very excited to hear his new album. Although I’m sad to say goodbye to the Fine Line era.”

The first single released in this new album was As It Was; the song is very catchy, as it broke the record for “Most Streamed Track on Spotify in 24 Hours.” The song accumulated over 16 million streams in its first 24 hours on the platform. In her excitement, Martinez-Esqueda definitely reminded anyone and everyone to listen to it the day it was released. She is equally excited to hear Harry’s House on May 20 and genuinely doesn’t think Styles can release any song she wouldn’t love! 

Not only has Harry Styles been trending on Twitter, but he was also in the lineup for Coachella 2022. Opening weekend, Styles surprised the crowd and performed two unreleased songs from the new album Boyfriends’ and Late Night Talking. He also brought a surprise guest–Shania Twain–on stage; together they performed Man! I Feel Like a Woman and You’re Still the One. Martinez-Esqueda believes his performance was very upbeat and happy, and it definitely fit the occasion. “The performance of What Makes You Beautiful was such an iconic moment!” Some hoped for surprise guests from One Direction as Coachella closed out this weekend; however, that did not materialize. Despite the desert heat of Indio, California, where Coachella was held, Martinez-esqueda would have loved being in the live crowd. “Although the idea of spending a weekend in a desert doesn’t sound like something I’d enjoy, I would definitely do it for Harry!”

As May 20 nears, the official release date for the album Harry’s House, so does the excitement from his fan base. Styles has always had a big following of fans (especially after the breakup of the One Direction Boy Band), but the number continues to grow day by day. His performances and tours are known to be very exciting and worth attending. “I really like the way he expresses himself; rather, it’s through his outfits, songs, and/or he doesn’t just sing at his concerts but really interacts with the crowd, or like how he sends messages through his music, an example being Treat People With Kindness.” As Martinez-Esqueda explains her opinion on this, she also expresses how his music is never repeating and how every song is very original.

The clues and hints to this new album are definitely keeping the fans excited, and Harry Styles is definitely in the light with all his current performances and announcements. Martinez-Esqueda concludes with this: “I know that he’s going to surprise us with something we never even imagined!”