Live Theatre: Transforming Lives Since Its Inception


Ryann Ottman, Staff Writer

“All the world’s a stage–and all the men and women merely players.” –William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Theatre has been around for hundreds–even thousands–of years. But, looking back at its inception, it’s clear that much has changed. However, one thing remains constant: Live theatre continues to transform the lives of those on stage and in the audience.

Theatre started out as an extravagant ordeal. In Ancient Greece, Theatre was used to worship the Greek God Dionysus. These worships started out rather gorey and chaotic, to say the least. But, as time passed, it became a more civilized and enjoyable event. Now, theatre is very well known for its dramatic Shakespearean performances and it’s lively Broadway musicals. Yasir Pineda, a junior at Elkhart High, notes some of the changes he’s seen during his involvement with it. “Theatre has definitely changed, especially with our technological advancements….We’ve also been able to move on to what we do with our sets.” Pineda goes on, also noting the similarities between today’s modern theatre and during history. “Really, what stayed the same are its themes–because the themes are as timeless as the muses themselves. They continue to be reinterpreted and seen from different perspectives.”

When looking at theatre from different perspectives, one person’s opinion on it will likely be different from another’s. Some people can see theatre as boring when reading Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caesar in their English classes. But, in other people’s eyes, Shakespeare really means something deeper to them, and his works really connect with them on a personal level. Pineda reflects about his favorite aspects when it comes to watching performances. “[I love] how immersive it can be.” He explains further: “I mean, really, what truly stands out is the difference between having to watch a recording of a play and actually being there. Because when you are there, you feel as though you’re a part of it.”

Whether an absolute theatre kid or not, there’s definitely something in it for anyone who seeks more out of life. When looking back at how far the Performing Arts has come, it makes people wonder just how much theatre can evolve in the future. Pineda finishes his statement: “Theatre has been around for ages and will continue to inspire.”