Voice Shows: Finally Something To Sing About


Taylor Malicki, Writer

No longer are vocalists being taken at face value—and that’s something worth singing about.

To prove this, it seems as though every year they’re coming out with more and more shows that are able to capture people’s talent, whether that would be The Voice, American Idol, The Masked Singer, or even Americans Got Talent.

Yet, what is it that makes these shows unique? The Voice and The Masked Singer separate themselves from the others by not allowing the judges to see the contestant. With American Idol and Americans Got Talent, the contestants come face-to-face with the judges, who get to evaluate them based on their talent, life stories—and appearance. Does anyone truly believe that appearance doesn’t weigh in when determining who wins? That’s what makes these other shows far more appealing.

In fact, The Masked Singer and The Voice’s auditions feel a lot more authentic and genuine. Judges are often surprised when their chairs turn around or the identity of the singer is revealed.  “I like the Voice and the Masked Singer better,” asserts Ella Gilbert, 10. “It gives everyone a chance and a fair advantage.”

   In this image-is-everything world, having an equal shot is truly important, and it just wouldn’t be fair if someone’s sad story gave him or her a higher chance of winning than others. Seeing isn’t always believing. Sometimes a person needs to hear what he’s been missing!