FEBRUARY: Every Day’s A Holiday


Lourdes Alfaro, Writer

Every day’s a holiday!—celebrating everything from animals to loved ones! Here are a few of the national days in February that are worth noting:


(February 2) National Groundhog Day

This is a popular national day, as everyone knows. This day determines if there will be six more weeks of winter. If the Groundhog—Punxsutawney Phil—sees his shadow, we’re in for six more weeks. If not, spring is right around the corner.

(February 3) National Doggy Date Night

A day for a doggy to remember, this day is where the dogs get a bit of appreciation after spending almost all day at home waiting for their owners to come home; they deserve it.

(February 4) World Cancer Day

This is one special day to remember all of the patients—from children and adults—who have cancer and are battling the sickness.

(February 14) Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget Valentine’s Day! Also know as Saint Valentine’s Day, it is the day of LOVE—the day for all of the couples to celebrate the love they have for each other.

(February 26) Ash Wednesday

This is a religious day. It is a day of repentance for the Christians during Lent. On this day, Christians go to church to get ashes on their foreheads to symbolize repentance. The ashes come from palms burned and then blessed by the Father. Christians also decide to give up something during Lent like candy, soda, and junk food—basically whatever is hard for them to stop doing.

(February 27) International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day is a cause for all of the Polar Bears of the world. These animals are listed in a Vulnerable status with a population decrease. It’s good to have a day just for them, as many animals are heading toward an Extinct status. Humans really need to make a change in the world if they want these animals with them.­