Cyrano: The Play Turned Movie


Elena Krueper, Staff Writer

Cyrano: The play turned movie was dubbed an immediate hit.

On Feb.25, the new movie musical Cyrano premiered in theaters. So, it’s no surprise that the movie has already grossed more than $3.4 million in the United States and Canada, as well as about $5 million worldwide.

This movie adaptation is based on the French play Cyrano de Bergerac that was written by Edmund Rostand in 1897. The story has experienced numerous iterations since. Mrs. Janis Elli, an English teacher at EHS, states, “I have not read the play before, but I am familiar with the story. Also, back in the late 80s, Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah starred in a comedy version of this same story called Roxanne. This was one of my favorite movies as a teenager,” she recalls. “Therefore, this is one reason I am interested in seeing this film; I would like to see yet another take on this story and compare the two.” 

Cyrano is a tragic love story about a poetic soldier named Cyrano de Bergerac who is madly in love with his childhood friend, Roxanne. Cyrano, however, does not believe that he deserves to be with Roxanne because of his appearance. So, when Roxanne falls for a new soldier in his regiment named Christian, Cyrano helps Christian woo Roxanne by writing letters to her, pretending to be Christian. 

Numerous famous actors, including Haley Bennett, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and most notably, Peter Dinklage, all star in the movie as the main characters. Mrs. Elli shares her reaction to the casting: “Another reason this movie looks intriguing to me is because I like the actor who plays the main character, Peter Dinklage. ” Continuing, she explains, “I was first introduced to him in the movie Elf and have been a fan ever since.”

The movie also contains a new musical score. All of the lyrics were written by Matt Berninger and Carin Berninger, while all of the music is by Aaron Dessner and Bryce Dessner. The soundtrack features 27 songs total. The songs range from beautifully written love ballads like Madly to songs about revenge and iniquity, like What I Deserve. The music was so well written, in fact, that two songs from the soundtrack, Every Letter and Somebody Desperate, were both nominated for best original score at this year’s Oscars. 

Since Cyrano has been out for a while now, it is currently available to rent or purchase on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu. So, make sure to give this beautiful, classic love story a watch!