SBU…The “S” Is For “Success”!


Hanna Al-Aloosi, Staff Writer

Anyone else love the musical Hairspray? The real question to those who don’t is Why?

This past weekend, Sigma Beta Upsilon (SBU) and other participants, such as Mrs. Janie Boyden’s dance class, had the privileged opportunity to go on such a trip to see Hairspray. This event was held at the South Bend Morris Performing Arts Center. With the ornate architecture to die for, touring the building alone was experience enough. Yet, the brilliant acting done by the wonderful cast of Hairspray made the event extraordinary. “The whole time I was amazed and so happy!” exclaims junior Diana Silva Esparza. “This was my first musical,” she added, praising the overall performance, “and it made quite a great impression on me. I loved it all and hope to see more musicals soon!”

Approximately 25 students, accompanied the four invited chaperones, attended the musical. But, the outing wouldn’t be complete without a dinner and a show.  Thus, afterward, the group dined at Golden Corral. “From the musical to having a wonderful dinner, we had an overall great time,” Danika Thurmand, a junior, commented. Thurmand expounded, saying, “I mean, this is basically a celebration of this year–and might I say we all deserve it! We have been so busy, and it led us to this! Personally, I am thankful for all of it.” 

Very true. Most recently, SBU was extremely busy with the February oratory competition that featured the theme “What difference can I make to help my community?” This contest had an exceptional turn-out and even greater performances of multiple speeches. The winner of that oratory contest was Amanya Gonzales, a senior. Her speech was especially earth-shaking with the powerful voice and compelling argument revolving around the importance of “community.”

Sigma Beta Upsilon has organized many other activities throughout this school year, as well, with equally great turn-outs that helped others in both the school and community. Although the “S” in SBU may actually stand for Sigma, it should stand for Success.