March Madness: Calling The Shots


Salah Ali, Staff Writer

Which team will have all the luck? The process of elimination to determine that answer begins tomorrow–on St. Patrick’s Day.

With Round 1 of March Madness in full swing March 17, many fans have already completed the brackets for this year’s men’s NCAA basketball tournament. But, with 68 teams participating, there are bound to be differences in opinions on who’s going to take the trophy this year. The bracket itself is split into 4 regions: West, South, East, and Midwest–which will reduce the playing field of winners to the Sweet Sixteen. From there, it will lead to the Elite Eight and then down to the Final Four. Winners from that will compete for the coveted championship title on April 4 in New Orleans. 

One avid fan willing to deliver his views on the bracket is Mr. Steve Starzyk, a social studies teacher at EHS. Starting off on this point of discussion, Starzyk states who he believes is going to win in each region: “Arizona’s got a nice chance to make it, and I like Gonzaga to make it in the West.” Starzyk also states his doubts here. “In the Midwest, I like Kansas, but they’re very beatable.” 

Still staying in the Midwest, Starzyk also has teams in which he believes are going to push through, proclaiming, “Iowa’s hot right now, so it wouldn’t shock me if Iowa made some headway here”–still sticking with this one doubt, “and maybe upset Kansas when they get to about the final 8 or 4 there.” Starzyk has a very headstrong opinion on other teams, confidently stating, “I think Baylor is not going to make it,” going on to explain that “they are injured.” Moving on from this, Starzyk still has many teams which he predicts will do well. UCLA, Kentucky, and Virginia are all included as opposing forces in Starzyk’s mind. 

Finally, the big question that most viewers participating in March Madness anticipate is who exactly is going to be crowned NCAA Champion. Starzyk believes that Arizona, Gonzaga, Iowa, and Tennessee have pretty high likely chances of winning. However, ultimately states, “If I had to put my wager on it right now, I’m picking Arizona.”

With Arizona as a No. 1 seed, Starzyk may be right.