Will “Mass Effect” Have Mass Appeal As A TV Show?


Angelina Simmons, Staff Writer

It’s all fun and games–until it’s turned into something more.

Recently, news has come to light about the popular ARG Mass Effect becoming a TV show on Amazon. How do people feel about the possibility of there being a television show based on Mass Effect? Sophomore Jasmine Marquez responds. “It could be a good TV show if they had good actors and followed what the Mass Effect community wants.”

Offering some background, Mass Effect is a Sci-Fi video game series following the exploits of commander Shepard and their crew. It has character customization, choices that impact the game and shape of one’s character, as well as quests a player can follow that have impacts on one’s gameplay. It also has many purchasable DLCs–and even has its own spinoff game called Mass Effect Andromeda.

“I hope for it to be good,” Marquez shares. “I also hope they have a male Shepherd. Maybe it’s just me,” Marquez adds, “but I feel like Dylan O’Brien would be a good choice. I also hope Tali becomes the main romance!” Ultimately, there are many possibilities for character arcs and actors, as none of this has been confirmed yet. However, skeptics are against the idea, saying that it would take away the impact of the choices, causing them to question what the main character would even look like. The main concern is disappointing and isolating fans who have a deep connection to the game series. However, names such as Henry Cavill are up in the air right now for potential actors.

As for how many seasons this show might get, Marquez hopes and expects “at least four seasons.” The series has three games in addition to Andromeda, so they could go for at least three to four seasons. Again nothing has been confirmed–and, overall, it seems as though it is a very interesting idea–however, as Marquez says, “I feel like it would be a bad idea, because the game is very choice-based and the TV show might not make a lot of sense to players because of the multiple different endings the game has.”