Skyrim Anniversary Edition, What’s It All About?


Angelina Simmons, Staff Writer

Sometimes all a game needs is a good update.

Recently, Bethesda Game Studios released Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Skyrim is an action-packed, fantasy-based ARG (Action Role-playing Game). In this game, players are expected to fight dragons, learn shouts, complete quests, and sometimes even steal just for the fun of it. In reaction to this release, sophomore Teanna McIntyre said, “I have purchased Skyrim Anniversary Edition for Xbox One because I used to play Skyrim a lot when I was little–and I wanted to see if it was still a good game!” 

Skyrim Anniversary Edition includes new weapons, enemies, and specialized quests most previously purchasable from the Creation Club. It also came with an update for Skyrim in general that adds survival mode and fishing, as well as four of the previously mentioned Creation Club items. Survival mode includes heat and freezing temperatures, hunger, level up (only available when sleeping), and no fast travel.

“I like the new update for Skyrim,” McIntyre adds, “because of the new quests and survival mode.” Expanding on this, she says, “The update opened a lot more possibilities for the game in the future, as well.” The thing most players have been excited for, however, was the new fishing skill. To start to fish, players have to complete a quest and get supplies. It isn’t the most interesting aspect, but it gives more realism to the game.

Overall, Skyrim has a few fun new features to play around with; however, as with all new additions and updates, this will affect mods. Sometimes, it may be script errors; other times, it may be game crashes. Just make sure if mods are installed to remove them or update them. Remember, as Teanna McIntyre declared, “Skyrim is a very interesting game to play–and I will definitely be playing Skyrim more often!”