Strict Rules In Japanese Schools

Strict Rules In Japanese Schools

Eri Minamimoto, Staff Writer

Do you think school rules really relate to school grades?

Actually, I was really surprised when I came to America. Here, you can change the hair color as you like, put on earrings, and wear makeup. I am an exchange student from Japan.  In my country, we cannot do these things.

Now, let’s compare the rules of Japanese and American schools. Here, a student can choose a rainbow of colors for his or her hair–pink, purple, or blue! One’s hair color cannot be changed in Japan. Your hair color should be black–even if your natural hair color is brown. This is the only reason to dye it.

Also, students here have their phones out every minute of the day: in the hallway, at lunch, and even during class. In Japan, you are not able to use your mobile phone during class. If you use your mobile phone during class, you will need to write an introspection sheet. The teacher calls the parents and talks about their child’s behavior. That’s such a big difference!

I understand some rules: Don’t quarrel or talk during class. But, I don’t understand others, especially when they don’t affect school grades. I don’t think schools should limit students’ hair color, and wearing earrings or makeup.  In my opinion, changing the hair color and wearing earrings should be your choice, because it’s your body. It doesn’t make sense. When we grow up, we are allowed to wear makeup. It seems that we need to learn how to wear makeup for when we grow up. Creating strict rules can be very stressful for both teachers and students.

Also, after reading several articles, there is a research result that changes in hair color and wearing nail polish have nothing to do with grades. What is the real purpose of the school?  I think it’s about learning new things and communicating with friends and teachers.

There are schools and countries with strict school rules like Japan, but I think that students can expose themselves to more by rethinking the purpose of the school and eliminating school rules, such as changing hair, that do not affect grades.