Hogwarts Legacy: Keeping The Magic Alive


Ryann Ottman, Staff Writer

Whether a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff, this new Harry Potter game is sure to keep fans on their toes. 

After the announcement of the new game–Hogwarts Legacy–being set to release sometime in 2022, Harry Potter fans around the globe have been giddy with anticipation. Although not much detail has been released about the game so far,  it is supposed to be set in the late 1800’s–many years prior to Harry Potter and his crew’s first years at Hogwarts.

This has sparked some questions about the game, but also hopefulness of what it has to offer. Elkhart High School teacher Ms. Laura Stauffer is among those wondering. “I think it’ll be cool to see the changes!” she exclaims. “Just like the muggle world has changed, the wizarding world has changed, too–and seeing if Grindelwald and Voldemort’s early years are included, along with the early Ministry of Magic, [will be worth the wait].” 

The new game also gives its players deeper and more interesting options for their characters. For example, in the game the player’s character uncovers an ancient secret magic that has the potential to destroy the world. But, what people are most looking forward to surrounding this is that the player is able to decide whether he or she wants to use this magic for good or use it for evil. Kamryn Bell, a sophomore, voices her opinion about this new addition: “I think that’s really cool, because not everyone wants to be good. So, I love that they give you the option for that.” She continues by saying, “I love that they give you a background, and you get to learn more about your past. I think it helps you build more of a relationship with the game and gives you more of a reason to play.”

No matter what path a person decides to take on this Hogwarts Legacy journey, all will have something magical to take away after playing this new game–whether it’s a new encounter to give to the new fans or a deeper appreciation for the fans who have been there from the beginning.