Scholastic Art Show Winners

Lauren Rutledge and 28 other EHS artists display their talents at the South Bend Museum of Art.


Abby Rauguth, Staff Writer

Art students from Northern Indiana to Southern Michigan–including 29 highly talented ones right from Elkhart High School–will be recognized in a way that all artists dream about: having them on display for all the world to see.

Senior Lauren Rutledge, a fellow student, was one whose artistic labors were selected for display through the Scholastic Art Show. Rutledge explains what it’s like to be a struggling student artist. She describes how, when creating art, the artist incorporates a part of him or herself into each piece. It must reflect the personality of its creator. “All of my pieces have a little piece of myself in them,” Rutledge begins. “Whether it’s a symbol, a memory, or a feeling, I find it makes art more personal when you incorporate a part of yourself into what you make.”

Not surprisingly, Rutledge cherishes some more than others due to the sentimental value. “Out of my jewelry pieces, my Celtic Motherhood Knot pendant is my favorite.” Explaining, she adds,”I made it for my mother as a gift for Mother’s Day back in 2021 to show her how much I cared about the bond we share.” However, other pieces hold a place in her heart for different reasons. “As for my photography, Stripes is my favorite. It took long class periods and a lot of patience to place the wire and add beautiful details–but I enjoyed every second! It’s a love note to the patriotism and American culture of the 1920’s.”

When vying to get into the art show,  artists recognize that only pieces with personality are likely to be considered. The judges want to see artwork that has both meaning and emotion. Thus, when the judges do recognize those elements in an artist’s work, it validates the artist. “It also promotes hard work and passion in what a person does,” Rutledge adds. Therefore, the Scholastic Art Show is not only opening opportunities for students to be more successful, but it’s also allowing students to show their true selves. 

In Rutledge’s case, take personality takes form in a variety of media. “My jewelry works were all made with brass and/or copper and coated with a specific patina (sulfur or ammonia) to give them texture,” Rutledge states. “I made two bracelets and one pendant.” However, she also has two more pieces on display. “As for my photography, one piece was a simple picture with highlighted detail, and the other was a more 3D project detailed with colored wire and a patriotic splash of color.”

To have one’s art considered for the show, the decision is completely in hands of the artist’s teacher. These teachers select pieces that reflect the best examples in a particular media. From there, it is up to the judges to decide which pieces will go on display. The competition is stiff, but the payoff–both personally and financially–is worth it. Photography teacher Mr. Matthew Hartman encourages all to take the risk. “My advice for every art student is always to put forth your best effort. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and to try new things. Hard work and effort is always rewarded in life!” He should know better than most. His son, Kellen Hartman, had a whopping seven pieces selected for the show!

While the actual awards ceremony will be virtual due to COVID concerns, the community is still able to view the art displayed in-person at the South Bend Museum of Art. The display opens this Saturday–Feb. 5–and is open from 12-5 p.m. In addition to the framed art, there will also be handmade jewelry, as well as photography and other pieces on display.

Scholastic Art Show Winners:

7 pieces of art:

  • Kellen Hartman

5 pieces of art:

  • Lauren Rutledge

4 pieces of art:

  • Maike Zimmerman

3 pieces of art:

  • Wichita Keen
  • Genesis Ramirez

2 pieces of art:

  • Nataly Balcazar
  • Natalie Edmisten
  • Parker Morton
  • Clarisse Peterson
  • Ayelem Pichardo-Hernandez
  • Everett Schoetzow
  • Lauren Schulz

1 piece of art:

  • Aine Bolmer
  • Lilliana Escobedo-Soto
  • Jocelin Gabriel
  • Aris Hartman
  • Victoria Islas
  • Marcus Love
  • Katherine Manzanares
  • Abby Rauguth
  • Kate Rodriguez-Martinez
  • Casey Saupe
  • Reniko Stout
  • Suhai Herrera
  • Killian Hunt
  • Toby Tapp
  • Amy Torres
  • Gabi Wakes
  • Breya Wilken