Feeling The “Blue” At EHS


Jesus Regalado Santos, Staff Writer

Sometimes,  a little bit of color is all a person–or school–needs.

Presently at Elkhart High School, a blue pattern is being added to the outside of the main building. But, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not all are supportive of the change. “I don’t really like the blue they added to the side,” explains George Dibley, a sophomore at Elkhart High. “Personally, I don’t think the pattern really matches the colors that are on the outside of the school.” On the other hand, some students are in support of the extra bit of color that has been added to the outside.  “I don’t think it’s too bad, at least now the building has some more color,” states Ava Stroud, a sophomore.

Students who attended what is now known as the Freshman Division have seen this pattern before. Towards the end of the last school year, this same blue pattern was added to the front side of the former Central building. Guadalupe Medina, a sophomore, has a hunch this may have something to do with why the school may be doing this. “Maybe they added it to both the East and West campus so that the schools feel more like one,” Medina conjectures. “I think this could be a form of unity between both buildings!”

Like it or not, other students also think this prediction could be true. “That seems like the most probable reason for the addition, but I do think the money could’ve gone to other things in the school,” suggests Christopher Vargas, a sophomore. “Plus, most of the students don’t really look at or walk on that side of the building. Even when they walk through the main doors, they just hurry to their next class!”

Clearly, there are many mixed opinions about the pattern–everything from it making the school look less like a “prison” to it looking like a “patchwork quilt glued” to the exterior. But, as Stroud states, “At least it’s better than nothing, like there was before!”