Second Semester Scheduling: Controlled Chaos


Jane Gatzemeyer, Staff Writer

Getting through finals and heading into the next semester–it’s a frightening proposition.

During this time at the end of the first semester, students are scrambling to turn in assignments and study for finals that are going on. Due to the merge this year, changing and setting up classes for the second semester isn’t as easy as all would wish, considering how many students there are.

Counselors at EHS are trying to accommodate all the hundreds and hundreds of students attending the school. Many students attempting to balance school, sports, home life, and jobs are hoping to get some early releases, and not be at school full-time. 

Seniors who have their licenses and jobs really hope to get rid of the extra classes they don’t need and spend more time working. Those who are graduating this year and have the plans of their future set in motion, don’t want to bother with classes that are not needed next semester. As chaotic as it can be every time schedules change, it’s even more chaotic when students are in their senior year and are frantic to get everything perfect.

Senior Lindsay Nutt has strong opinions on the matter: “Since I’m a senior this year, I definitely feel the struggle of getting schedules right for all semesters, but it’s even more nerve-wracking.” Bringing the time-consuming finals into the conversation, Nutt exclaims, “The last two weeks before break can really bring out the fear inside all the teens, but at least when Christmas break comes, we will all get a little relief.”

Going forward, anyone and everyone wants to be able to contact his or her counselor to figure out what will occur in that student’s academic future. An easy way to get that done is to email the counselor and set up a meeting time. If all of the times are booked, there’s no need to worry. Students or their parents can simply call the school to have an over-the-phone conversation about what they desire for upcoming classes. Even when next semester comes, anyone can still contact his or her counselor to attempt to format schedules to what is desired.

Regardless of whether students will get the exact outcome they want, it won’t be the end of the world–and anyone will be able to adapt to whatever happens. There is always time to speak with someone about changes in school, even if that means just a few days in an unwanted class whilst counselors figure out what to do. Remember, patience is a virtue.