A New Year; A New Resolution


Nakori Cachiguango, Staff Writer

“New year, new me” is such a common phrase for people to say during this time of year. But, is it taken seriously? Do people have that kind of strong willpower nowadays?

Based on a recent 2021 study, over the past year, only 35 percent of Americans who had set any resolutions had fulfilled their objectives made before the year had started. About 49 percent had completed only partial goals, and 16 percent had forgotten all about their resolutions.

New Year resolutions are goals–goals set for the coming year of 2022, which is just right around the corner. In the U.S. the most frequently registered resolutions that are made every year are in the categories of health, self-improvement, money, family, love, and career. So diving in a little for why these categories, here are some findings. Most either wanting to workout more, lose weight or even just have a better nutrition style of eating. Money will always be the top pick, as there is never enough of it.

A lot can agree that more people will most likely write down a resolution that only contributes good to themselves. “Well, mine would definitely be to get more money, because money is what gets you a lot in life,” begins Jefferson Serrano, a sophomore at Elkhart High School. He went on to say as a matter-of-fact, “It might sound selfish, but a lot of times, putting what you want first results in having your best self prentable to other people around you.”  So, what about family and love? Some people may actually take their New Year resolutions more seriously, because it might be a more personal goal that strives to benefit not only for themselves but also the people they care about. I actually set my New Year’s resolutions to create a closer bond with my mom,” sincerely shares sophomore Nissy Alvarez Chavez. “It would benefit both of us, because communication is such an important thing to have in my family.” 

A lot of people find the whole concept of writing down their resolutions for the year a waste of time and pass on the opportunity. However, it’s like choosing a destination before one starts to drive. in this case, it is starting off the year with at least some perspective of where one wants to go. Maybe it’s to make changes, adjustments, or improvements to one’s life or the lives of others.

So next time there’s a paper and pencil nearby, don’t forget to write down a thing or two before the clock hits 12, end of December.