Advisory: A Change In Plans


Jesus Regalado Santos, Staff Writer

Attention, Students: There’s going to be a slight change in plans.

After students come back from winter break, Advisory time will be switched with 4th and 8th periods–ending the day, now, rather than sandwiched in after lunch. 

What was the reason for deciding to switch these two periods? The main cause for the change is so that teachers can have time to collaborate with one another. During this time, students who need academic help will also be able to get help from tutors. “I think this is an interesting choice that could be very positive. I can see this being very beneficial for the upperclassmen,” explains Ms. Sarah Smurr, an English teacher in Health and Public Safety. “We’ll have to wait and see to know what kinks we would have to work out.”

Declan Millslage, a sophomore, exclaims, “I’m excited about the change! I’ve also heard rumors that students will be able to leave right after their last period. I hope it’s true!” Luckily for Millslagle and all other students, the rumors are true–but there is a catch. Students wanting to be able to leave after 4th or 8th period will have to be passing all of their classes. Not only that, but they will also need a way to get home, as the school buses will continue to leave at their regular times.

“We thought this could also benefit music and athletics,” explains Executive Principal Mr. Cary Anderson. “If everyone on a team is passing all of their classes, then practices or rehearsals could start earlier.” Continuing on, Anderson says, “Students with jobs could also get to work earlier.” Anderson also goes on to explain that students will be able to leave early in four-week segments. Around every month, students willl have to check in with their Advisory teacher to see if they qualify to leave early–which means passing all of their classes.

It will be a win-win for everyone having this opportunity to leave school earlier while also earning the credit to graduate from school on time.