Baking Up Some Tasty Ideas


Lilly Ganczak, Staff Writer

Baking: It’s an integral part of the holidays! 

Whether people are experienced bakers who always have something in the oven or are beginners who have never touched a pie pan in their life, there is always room for baking fun–especially during the wonderful holiday season. There are tons and tons of festive and delicious recipes to choose from. Lots of families have annual baking days during the Christmas season. These traditions go back generations. Putting together cookie boxes is also something fun to do with family and friends. These treat boxes also make terrific gifts.

Emily Holtz, a sophmore, shares her thoughts: “To me, Christmas isn’t truly Christmas without my mom’s delicious cookies. She makes her famous thumbprints and buckeye cookies in early December. And every year on Christmas Day, I wake up to the smell of pecan pie in the oven.” She continues, “Of course these desserts are delicious, but it’s almost more about the tradition of it. This is something my mom learned from her mom, and her mom learned from her mom. It has been passed down and brought to life through the Holtz women. This Christmas, my mom told me she’d like me to be in the kitchen with her so she can share her iconic recipes with me. I’m really looking forward to that.”

However people are celebrating their holiday season this year, dessert recipes can be easy to access. One could be found floating around in a recipe drawer at home or even on the internet. Online sites give out so many great options and ideas for bakers. The fun thing about baking is that there are things that can be made that come from all over the world. There are heaps and heaps of various recipes that originated from different countries. Remember to have fun and think outside the box this year, holiday bakers!