Hot Chocolate: “Yo, We Got It!”


Dorothy Moyer, Staff Writer

Hot, Hot Chocolate:

Yo, we got it!  Hot chocolate!” Tom Hanks sings in the timeless classic Christmas movie: The Polar Express.

As the weather turns colder, the grounds become white, and it’s become Christmas all over again. Children in the snowy outside begin to form noses and cheeks too cold to touch. Families start to sled down hills and ice skate through the cold winds, which tells everyone that it’s time to warm up, but just how should they warm up?  

Well, there’s plenty more than 20 ways to keep warm. According to Deana Martin’s wintery song, “She’s got her love to keep her warm.” While being present with her loved ones to keep her warm, that’s just one of many; but, the best and fastest way to warm up, inside and out, is with the delicious drink called, hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate can be dated back thousands of years ago, and was brought to America by the Dutch. The original recipe for hot chocolate consisted a mixture of the following: water, wine, ground cocoa beans, and chile peppers. It’s not the best combination nowadays, but back then, it was the hottest thing around. Now, hot chocolate ingredients could simply be warm water with a bag of Swiss Miss instant hot cocoa. Both very different, but both are very flavorful.

Sophomore Nathan Hart says, “Hot chocolate is the best!”  Hart goes further: “Being cold in the winter is the worst, but hot chocolate automatically makes it better when I walk back inside.” 

Freshman Isaac Howell feels that “hot chocolate should be a year-round drink, anywhere you go.”  Believe it or not, Howell’s wish may just come true! Hot chocolate can be found in many local restaurants; just ask. Though most people enjoy hot chocolate during the colder times of the year, it can be consumed all year long.

 Junior Erica Gardner states that “hot chocolate is the most pleasing drink to have during the holiday season.” Gardner continues, “Having hot chocolate makes it seem like winter even though there might not be snow outside.” 

Without the wintery feeling, and without a doubt around the breezy cold weather, hot chocolate has been there  any time, any place, and for everyone throughout the most wonderful time of the year.