Little Communication On Final Exams


Salah Ali, Staff Writer

If nothing else, final exams are a test of one’s patience.

It’s getting closer and closer to that time again. Cramming in material from months ago, plowing through assignments due a lifetime ago, and getting more and more anxious as the days get closer to final exams. That’s right! Final exams are right around the corner, and many students around the school are getting ready for them. However, there has been one question that still goes unanswered: When are the dates of finals?

Jayden Fay, a sophomore, states that “having no schedule for final exams in unprofessional.” But, he remains optimistic about the future. “I don’t think that this implementation of scheduling will be permanent.” Continuing on, Fay adds, “I don’t expect this change to be a big deal.” 

On a normal year, the dates of final exams are planned out way beforehand, but this year, there seems to be something different. This year, finals are not scheduled for the school as a whole, but instead decided upon by each individual teacher. Basically, while a student’s first hour teacher might have his or her final on one day, that student’s second hour teacher might decide to place that final on another day–or week. The lack of communication on this might create a little confusion for students who are used to a more regimented schedule.

But, that seems to be the going rate this year. In fact, this whole school year is a bit of an odd one, as it is the first that EHS has been combined into one. Along with this, the introduction to the Schools of Study just adds to the chaos that everyone has to get used to as the new norm. Final exams are just another part of that in which people will have to adapt.