Dreaming Of A White Christmas?


Kyla Albright, Staff Writer

Everyone always wants a ‘white Christmas,’ but so far this year it looks like there might not be one. 

With Christmas right around the corner, many people are hoping there will be snowfall coming so there will be a white Christmas. Usually, Elkhart gets plenty of snow before Christmas because Indiana is in the Midwest, but this year, there has yet to be any snow that has stayed on the ground. It isn’t cold enough outside yet for the snow to stick on the ground. The question many people want answered is this: Will Elkhart wake up on Christmas Day seeing snow or not? 

There are many people who like snow, whether its on Christmas or not; however, some people don’t like snow. “Personally, I like the snow up until Christmas,and then I want it gone after that,” sophomore Breannia Papet states. Papet likes the snow on Christmas, but after that, she doesn’t like it anymore. “It’s pretty, but it’s also cold, and I don’t like cold weather,” Papet continues. Snow makes anything from the ground to the trees look pretty.

As for the weather, it hasn’t been quite cold enough for the snow to stay on the ground. The air has to be above 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature has not been consistently below that. There is still a couple weeks until Christmas, and that is plenty of time for the temperature to go down. If the temperature does start to go down, then there is a possibility that Elkhart will start to see some more snow.